All-on-4™ Implant All-on-4™ Implant All-on-4™ Implant

Fixed Teeth in 24 Hours...

  • All-on-4™ Implant 4 Dental Implants & a Full-Jaw Fixed Bridge in just 24 Hours

  • All-on-4™ Implant No Bone Grafting Needed

  • All-on-4™ Implant Nobel Biocare Dental Implants

  • All-on-4™ Implant Out Patient Surgery (return home the same day with full set of teeth)

  • All-on-4™ Implant Beautiful & Natural looking smile (12 different smile designs to choose from)


Change Your Smile, Change Your Life…. In just 24 hours


What is Teeth in Just 24 Hours?

The MALO CLINIC Protocol All-on-4™ is a revolutionary oral rehabilitation dental procedure developed by our partner, Dr. Paulo Malo, a European dentist, and Nobel Biocare®, the #1 dental implant company in the world. This revolutionary and unparalleled concept of restoring an entire jaw with only 4 dental implants was invented in 1993 and it has since become the leading choice for patients who are either edentulous, have loose/ill-fitting dentures, or patients who have hopeless teeth.

Benefits of All-on-4™ Teeth in 24 Hours

Go Home with a New Set of Teeth


The MALO CLINIC All-on-4™ dental solution allows the patient to have teeth in just 24 hours after the dental implant placement and return home with a brand new and beautiful smile. You can actually begin eating soft foods immediately after the procedure. Over time, as the implants become stronger and obtain sufficient integration to your bone, you can go back with your normal diet and eat the foods you like.

No Bone Grafting Required


The MALO CLINIC Protocol All-on-4™, in majority of cases, does not require the patient to undergo a bone grafting procedure compared to other dental implant restoration techniques. This allows the patient to heal faster, complete the treatment efficiently, and substantially save on the cost of the treatment.

If you have an insufficient bone condition, you may have been discouraged from having implants or have been told you need to undergo a time-consuming, painful, and costly bone grafting procedure, in which, at the same time, does not even give out a promising success rate. The MALO CLINIC All-on-4™ is designed to be carried out with bone grafting as the last resort. Even if you present a minimal or no-bone structure condition, most especially if you have an edentulous jaw, the 2 posterior implants will be strategically inserted with maximum angles of 45°. If you present an atrophic maxilla or no bone in the upper jaw, the implants will be anchored in the extra-maxilla area, to provide the most stable foundation for your new set of teeth. This unique technique of placing implants in such an angle has been proven the most effective solution in oral rehabilitation which is backed up by years of research and clinical documentation.

The MALO CLINIC Protocol All-on-4 surgical technique not only provides the most predictable results, it also allows patients to save their valuable time and money, rather than being spent on additional bone grafting procedures which normally takes around 6 months to heal while not having that much assurance with its success. Moreover, such surgical transplant procedures are quite expensive, not to mention the additional costs for travelling to see your oral surgeon.

Original MALO CLINIC Protocol All-on-4™ & NobelSpeedy® Dental Implants


As an exclusive MALO CLINIC in Thailand, we are the sole provider of the original All-on-4™ surgical protocol in Thailand, on top of being part of creating the technique itself. In line with this, we only use NobelSpeedy® Dental Implants for all our All-on-4™ procedures. The NobelSpeedy® was designed and developed by Dr. Malo himself and Nobel Biocare, another world-leader in dental implants and restorations innovation. It is the original and widely documented implant for the All-on-4™ treatment concept. Some dental clinics claim they can perform other all-on-four or full-mouth reconstructions by using other implant materials, only to provide them with inferior or sub-standard treatments.

Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC is the only clinic in Thailand that is authorized to use the NobelSpeedy® Immediate Function Implants for the All-on-4™ Treatment. With NobelSpeedy® implants, both patients and dentists benefits from a number of surgical advantages like lesser chair-time, easier placement, and high-stability for immediate function. In addition, another hallmark of NobelSpeedy is its prosthetic flexibility, as it allows for a choice between external and internal connectors or abutments.

NobelSpeedy® is the ideal choice for immediate function because of its innovative design and superb stability. Its tapered body requires short drilling time, making it suitable for full-mouth reconstructions like the All-on-4™ procedure. This highly-specialized implant also features a sharp tip that easily cuts through dense bone which allows for under-preparation and bi-cortical anchorage, which are very essential for successful implant placement and stability.

With NobelSpeedy® Dental Implants, our patients are assured of achieving great values on their All-on-4™ Treatment, available only here at Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC.

Pros and Cons Comparison

All-on-4™, Implant Over-Dentures and Conventional Dentures


All-on-4 Upper Bridge

All-on-4™ Upper Bridge


  • Minimally invasive surgery with only 4 implants
  • No Bone grafting ( No additional time needed for healing and no additional cost )
  • Fixed teeth in just 24 hours
  • Can eat immediately
  • Can chew hard food after healing
  • Stops Jaw Bone Resorption
  • No Sore gums
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Beautiful and natural looking teeth
  • No palatal coverage on the top
  • Food tastes better


  • Higher initial investment
  • Treatment must be done by a highly qualified, skilled and competent team of surgeons and prosthodontists

Implants Over-Dentures

Implant Over-dentures

Over-dentures with Bars and Locators


  • Provides Stability compared to conventional Dentures
  • Cost less than an All-On-4
  • A good transitional treatment to ALL-on-4 (Only for economical reasons but will cost more on long-term)


  • Removable not permanently Fixed
  • Treatment time takes longer- Immediate Loading not possible
  • On-going maintenance cost for attachment replacements and relines
  • Can cause soreness
  • Food impaction
  • Jaw bone continues to resorb where no implants are located
  • Cannot chew hard food

Conventional Dentures

Upper/Lower Dentures

Upper/Lower Dentures


  • Fast
  • Cheap


  • Unnatural
  • Bulky
  • Palatal coverage on the top
  • Moves
  • Causes Sore gums
  • Responsible for jaw Bone Resorption
  • Can not chew hard food
  • Affects social life and intimacy

How is it possible to do a full-jaw & fixed-bridge with only 4 dental implants?

The MALO CLINIC All-on-4™ dental procedure allows qualified candidates to leave our clinic with only 4 specially designed dental implants that are strategically positioned from one another so they can handle the pressure from chewing. This allows the implants to be immediately loaded with a fixed dental bridge.

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Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC Teeth in 24 Hours Promotion

Teeth in 24 Hours Promotion

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