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Mr. Terry Clark
Zygoma Implants + front teethImplants

Mr.Adam Webb
All on 6 immediate implants +Permanent 14 bridges

Mr.Lee Barry
All-on-4 immediate implants + Permanent 14 bridges

MS.Sheena Clowes
All on 4 (Upper and Lower jaw)
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VDO Testimonials
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After having treatment for teeth plus 3 implants on same day. I cannot speak of enough. Praise for "Bangkok Smile" The doctors + staff were MAGNIFICENT. No Pain at all and a very great result was achieved.

Laurence Perham/Australia
I would like to thank the brilliant, very alented and beautiful Dr Sunisa, her great nurses and the fantastic, helpful and caring staff at BANGKOK SMILE. My praise and heartfelt thanks for the excellent work that you have done on my top teeth is very hard to put into words. My friends and family are overwhelmed by not only the great work that you have performed, but also the small cost involved. Word of mouth is the very best form of advertising for any business, and I have been telling as many of the people that I know about the outstanding work you do at BANGKOK SMILE and hope that it will bring you many, many more new customers. I think that customers may be the wrong term to use as I see everyone there as a friend and look forward to returning in the near future. Again, thank you all very, very much for "MY NEW SMILE" from BANGKOK SMILE.

Dentist and Stuff were very gentle. Very happy with the results. Thank you.


Very good service-and the most efficient dentist I've been to. Thank you for your help in making my teeth brighter ' I'll recommend you to my friends. Thanks to everyone, friendly and professional service and always with a smile. See you all in July.

Julie Ann Knight/Australia
Almost fell asleep. Can't say I've done that at any other Dentist.

Alan Bogar/Australia

Thank you Dr.Apiyos and your lovely assistants for giving me my smile back. I will definitely be recommending Bangkok Smile to my family and friends.

Yvonne Blumeris/Australia
Just wanted to thank you all again....especially Dr. Sunisa who made me feel so very comfortable. Different to Australia or the USA, I felt very little or NO pain, including the shots of Novacaine! Dr. Sunisa, you are the absolute best in my book!!! Since I have been back I have recommended Bangkok Smile clinic to people.....none of my friends can believe the difference in my smile and the cost of having it all done. I am sure you will have many more clients that have seen my teeth and need dental work also. I actually miss all of you.......having spent so much time with you, I feel you have all become somewhat part of my family! I look forward to returning soon to do my implants and my veneers on my bottom teeth. My husband is also thinking about laser whitening and maybe a Skyce Diamond...haha Again........ Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Angela Hobbs/Australia

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