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SMILE-HIGH CLUB, Dental Tourism Takes Off
SMILESAWAY, Why Queenslanders are flying 7000 Kilometers to get to Bangkok Smiles dentist.
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VDO Testimonials

Mr. Terry Clark
Zygoma Implants + front teethImplants

Mr.Adam Webb
All on 6 immediate implants +Permanent 14 bridges

Mr.Lee Barry
All-on-4 immediate implants + Permanent 14 bridges

MS.Sheena Clowes
All on 4 (Upper and Lower jaw)
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VDO Testimonials
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Raymond Harris /Crowns, X-Ray, Root canal treatment, Cleaning/Australia

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Andrew Sutherland /Crowns, Root canal treatment, Dental Implant, Filling/Australia

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Troy Birmingham /Crowns, Filling, Cleaning/Australia

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Judi Deitz /Crowns/Australia

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John Polasek /Crowns/Australia

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Jacob Melson /Cleaning/Australia

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Christine Ciccarelli /Crowns, Filling, Porcelain Veneer/Australia

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Miss Svjetlana Topolovac, A551513, Australia
Dr. Piyamas, Porcelain Veneer

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John Douglas McDonald, A551367, Australia
Filling, cleaning, Zoom whitening, Dr. Thamrong

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Judy P. , A541965
Dr. Sunisa , Implant, dentures, crown, fillings

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Elizabeth W. A551047 Australia
Dr. Sunisa , All on 5 upper, crown,
denture, root canal treatment
Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic

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